Buyers and Sellers

In the Middle of the Multifamily Sale..!

One of our apartment buildings is currently in escrow to be sold, and what an adventure it has been. We knew that the banks were being difficult, but the load on us as SELLERS to verify our numbers and positions has created an amazing workload of paper and correspondence.The frustrating part, among several, is that the bank keeps coming back to us as...Read more »

Office & Industrial Complexes

The office building and industrial property sectors are two of the most economically sensitive sectors of real estate there are. Business will contract or expand in each sector depending on the state of the economy. Office space, even in premium locations, can remain empty in a sour economy for considerable periods of time. Industrial space can be influenced by many...Read more »

Self-Storage Facilities

Real Estate Investment Tips

Self storage or what is commonly known as mini storage can be a good property and financial investment for a long term owner. The investor has to look at a self storage investment as a business AND a real estate play. The property itself may be in an appreciating area, and the business portion of the storage facility may be...Read more »

Selling Apartments

After owning a facility for several years, an investor may decide it is time to get out or upgrade into more units. At the sale, you have essentially three choices: 1) Cash out and pay any taxes 2) Do a tax free exchange into another larger property or different property 3) Take some of your equity out as cash and...Read more »

Buying Apartment Buildings

Apartments have appealed to many investors over the years, but they are not the simplistic cash flowing investment that many new investors have envisioned. The apartment investment can be a very rewarding or a very trying one, depending on your approach. Apartment investing can go by several names: multifamily, plexes, multiplex to name a few of the most common. There...Read more »