Green Investments

Green Investing – Part 3: Robert Poe Q&A About This Profitable, Responsible Strategy

Every investor wants to make money: with green investing you can feel good about it at the same time. One of the most popular investment strategies with our clients at KerNors Capital Group, we’ve also written extensively about it for our website guests in a series of two articles (Green Investing – Part 1: Help The Planet And Help Yourself...Read more »

Green Investing – Part 2: Start This Summer With A Resolution To Be Green

If you’ve been following our postings, you know that green investing is one of the hottest topics in the investment world today. In part 1, we wrote about green projects you might invest in, investment funds that are certified green, and an “individual” approach where you apply a personal set of criteria. We’re all for green investing, but like any...Read more »

Green Investing – Part 1: Help The Planet And Help Yourself

One of the hot topics in investment circles is green investing. But what is green investing really? It can range from investment in green buildings and development projects, to specialized investment funds, to investments you’ve selected yourself that meet your requirements. Let’s take a brief look at each approach. Green Buildings and Projects An easy way for investors to “go...Read more »