Meet Robert Poe

Robert Poe MBA CCIM

Managing Partner

Robert started in real estate after he graduated from an MBA graduate program in Southern California. His background in real estate included such diverse projects as windmill farms, shopping centers and agricultural properties. He was involved in several multifamily rehabilitation projects in the Southern California Central Valley and Los Angeles basin.

He has never hesitated to be hands on with his projects, adhering to the belief that the details matter and investor capital is a precious commodity. Robert has always believed, and experience has born him out, that real estate can be an excellent investment as long as the market is known and respected for its ability to increase capital but also to surprise the uniformed and speculative.

The investment philosophy of Robert and his KerNors, LLC team emphasize conservative financial structure, value analysis, and knowledge of the market. Macroeconomic environmental factors are also built into the buy/sell decisions, with a great emphasis on capital preservation and cash flow in the investment matrix.

His tenure at KerNors has been marked by several major transactions including the rehabilitation of a 1920’s multifamily property and the acquisition of several diverse commercial properties. All the properties acquired met the stringent acquisition standards and parameters of the Company.

He is an active member of several local and national real estate organizations including Certified Commercial Investment Institute, Rental Housing Association of Greater Portland, and American Association of Individual Investors.