Latest Real Estate Investing News: Big Changes, Little Houses

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If you like variety, you can’t beat the latest real estate investing news. We’ve got updates on: big changes in rules restricting marketing by investment firms and funds; the popularity of houses smaller than a typical garage in Portland, Oregon; and, another experiment on how to make the office better.

New Rules Shake Up Real Estate Investing

Passed in 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, among other things, removed an 80 year prohibition on private funds marketing their offerings to the public.

Industry experts think things could get interesting. Darryl Steinhause, a partner in the real estate capital markets group at law firm DLA Piper wonders if things could get like “the 'Wild, Wild West'”, saying:

"I think we're going to look back three years from now and say, 'Boy, did the way we do deals change."

Yahoo | Finance - New Rules Shake Up Real Estate Investing

The Concept Of An 'Untethered' Office Takes Root

Perhaps the most fundamental change in the office environment in fifty years, the untethered office loses walls, cubicles, and personal spaces in a quest to maximize efficiency. As the LA Times reports, at the local offices of real estate firm CBRE, not even the CEO, Robert Sulentic is immune from the changes. He books an office by the day with:

"no family pictures, no tokens, no nothing that is mine." Still, he concedes, "I have lots of family pictures on my iPhone. Five years ago we didn't have that."

Los Angeles Times - The Concept Of An 'Untethered' Office Takes Root

Stretching Out In A Tiny House - Sleeping In Portland

Smaller than a two car garage, these tiny spaces range from as small as 120 square feet to a relatively palatial 364 square feet. Yet the demand is there. Owners Jeff Gantert and Brad Bloom tell reporter Janet Eastman they have:

"no problem finding tenants wanting to pay $1,200 a month for one of these furnished, one-bedroom cottages." - Stretching Out In A Tiny House - Sleeping In Portland

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