Investment Real Estate Roundup: Investing Climate HOT!

The very best of recent news brought to you by the experts in the investment real estate world at Kernors LLC. We've been earning your Real Estate Investment News Roundup

The investment real estate climate is looking great, from financing to broad economic growth, retail investments to attractive rents. Follow all the latest news here, brought to you by professionals at KerNors LLC, serving you since 1924.

Wal-Mart, Target Roll Out Smaller Urban Store Formats to Do Battle with Dollar, Drug Store Rivals

The big boys decide that their superstores aren’t enough and look at neighborhood sized offerings. Far smaller, at just a fifth the size, the WalMart Neighborhood Market concept is expected to grow to more than 500 stores in the next year and a half. Wal-Mart has tested an even smaller Express concept, saying that:

"it performed very, very well for us...Increasingly, access is becoming more important to customers. And we believe we have an opportunity today through multiple formats to take our brand closer to the customer"

CoStar Group - Wal-Mart, Target Roll Out Smaller Urban Store Formats to Do Battle with Dollar, Drug Store Rivals

The Manufacturing Powerhouse You Never Thought Of

Financing is critical in investment real estate. The professionals at CCIM Institute share ten Investment real estate professionals know that a strong economy means good news for them. Oregon's economic picture is bright indeed. Manufacturing output is growing by leaps and bounds, and state-wide:

"Oregon's gross domestic product grew 3.9% last year, making it the third fastest-growing state economy after North Dakota and Texas, according to Commerce Department data released last week."
Top Manufacturing States
CNNMoney - The Manufacturing Powerhouse You Never Thought Of

Michael Bull: Bullish On Owning

Investment real estate expert Michael Bull shares his wisdom concerning whether it's best for a business to buy or rent in various situations, in this podcast hosted by the National Association of Realtors. Listen to the full Commercial Connections Podcast He thinks there are lots of reasons to feel good:

"From federal programs providing 10% down terms and conventional loans with lockable rates, the credit picture is rosy... Owners can borrow on equity down the road."

The Source | National Association of Realtors - Michael Bull: Bullish On Owning

10 Most Expensive Streets for Office Space in the U.S.

At the pinnacle of investment real estate are these properties, the most expensive in the country. Gateway cities on both coasts dominate the list.

"Don’t assume you know which streets are the most expensive—the study does provide some surprising insights into current conditions in the office sector."

National Real Estate Investor - 10 Most Expensive Streets for Office Space in the U.S.

Exciting times in investment real estate, for sure. A strong and growing market, with plenty of financing available, has fired things up. But which are the best opportunities for your portfolio? Call the professionals at KerNors LLC today. Let us put our nearly 90 years of experience to work for you.

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