Best Real Estate Development Movies Of All Time: Our Picks

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We love movies and we love real estate! The other day we ran across a great list of fifteen movies that about real estate development on National Real Estate Investor. Our top picks from the list include three movies ranging from a family favorite to a Jack Nicholson classic.

Field of Dreams

"If you build it, they will come." A voice drives Iowa farmer, Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) to build a baseball field in a cornfield. Players from the 1919 Black Sox scandal appear to play on the field, including Shoeless Joe Jackson. The voice continues to guide Joe on a journey to capture the dream and save his farm from financial ruin.

This film's movie set is actually in involved in a current development controversy: Field of Dreams movie set development project. According to NREI the "voice... is apparently whispering within the minds of developers Go the Distance LLC, who want to turn the Field of Dreams movie set, which still sits on a cornfield in Dyersville, Iowa, into All-Star Ballpark Heaven complex."


Real estate development through the mob’s eyes: mobster Bugsy Siegel (Warren Beatty) sees money to be made in the desert. The film is based on the real-life story of Siegel's development of small Nevada dessert town, Las Vegas into an oasis for gambling and what happens when the mob funded project falls short due to over spending and embezzlement.

This is a bit more dramatic than most real estate development projects, but keeping within budget is a challenge we can all appreciate. Lucky for us we have nicer funding sources to draw from.


A Jack Nicholson classic where he plays Jake Gittes, a cynical 1930’s private detective hired by Evelyn Mulwray to gather information on her husband the Chief Engineer of the LA Department of Water . Gittes's investigation uncovers state and municipal corruption, land use and real estate, and at least one murder—all of it related to the city's water supply.

Dealing with public agencies and delving into public records in regards to development projects generally doesn't involve as many dramatic plot turns, but often does take experience and finesse.

Be sure to check out the other movies on NREI list for more real estate development movie fun. Real estate development is a great subject for a movie; but, when you’re serious about your investments you want some solid real direction from the professionals at KerNors LLC. Since 1924, we’ve been protecting and growing our clients’ wealth. Call today to put the KerNors Team on your side.

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