Hot News On Real Estate Investments: Everything You Need To Know

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We have gathered some real estate investments opportunities you might not have thought of. Added in some important tips on commercial real estate, and topped it off our commercial real estate news roundup with this year’s most important issues affecting real estate.

Time to Buy Retail Properties?

Real estate investments run the gamut, but lately retail properties, all but forgotten during the recession, are getting another look. Author Michael Bull certainly agrees, saying that retail:

"…may have lagged behind its commercial real estate cousins during the economic recovery, but that is changing. In fact, with just shy of $10 billion in retail property investment sales in first quarter 2013, it would appear that happy days are near again."

National Real Estate Investor- Time to Buy Retail Properties?

Cellular towers — The New Money Tree

One of those real estate investments you likely never even thought of, cellular towers are big business. And, that can make some handsome income for property owners.

"A lease to a telecommunications company for one tower could bring in as much as $10,000 a month or more in rent to a property owner depending on size, location and type of installation."

Napa Valley | Landscape of Commercial Real Estate - Cellular towers — The New Money Tree

The Hidden Oil Wells Of Los Angeles

Working oil wells, disguised as public art, amaze a blogger from the Midwest. What they are really, are smart real estate investments.

"An incredible video by VBS TV was produced that takes a look at this most unusual commercial real estate phenomenon."

The Source | National Association of Realtors - The Hidden Oil Wells Of Los Angeles

Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Real estate investments can be tricky. Brian Kline knows that many investors may be savvy about residential properties and most people start that way, but, he says:

"…eventually, they look to commercial investing because it is much more profitable. Before you jump into commercial real estate there is very different information you need and a different approach compared to residential investing."

National Real Estate Investor - Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate in 2013

With the recovery in full swing, what’s still affecting real estate investments? The experts list everything from health care to the impact of new technology on office space. Still, they admit that

"…we can see the Great Recession receding—albeit slowly—in the rear view mirror, the commercial real estate industry can get back to normal, everyday business."

National Real Estate Investor - The Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate in 2013

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